Monday, June 27, 2011

Making Progress in White at the Beach House

This weekend past was just one of those great weekends where you have nothing planned but you achieve heaps and have a lovely time doing it.
Soccer was at Seaforth oval and I very naughtily snuck off across the road, whilst the game was in progress to Burnt street to have a look at the bargain fabric houses.  I loved these nautical stripes.  Nothing came home with me, as I am on my 'saving for France' drive and my current cushion covers will do for now.
After soccer we popped into visit grandpa and Annette.  We had to drop off Anette's grandson's baby booster, that we had borrowed the weekend before.  We were at a family function and after Mr Beach House put in an appearance, he decided that the sailing club AGM was more important so off he snuck.  We had taken two cars, as this was all pre arranged.  You'd think it would have occurred to him to drive off in the car without the baby seat though wouldn't you?.... but no!!!.  He took the best car along with the baby booster. 
 I had stayed on at the party, as my kids love these dos, hanging out with their cousins.  So when I left the party at about 6pm and got to the car, it was sans baby booster. ARRRRGH!!!.  It is illegal to drive with out a child restaraint in Australia if the child is under seven.
Mr Beach House was uncontactable.  I thought I would be stuck at the party all night, until Annette came to the rescue.  It meant I had to leave my kids at their aunt's and drive to the next suburb to get said baby booster....but hey Mr BH was fine partying with his sailing mates, whilst I made contingency plans to get home from his mother's birthday party at a respectable hour.  Luckily there is one responsible party in this relationship. 
So this Saturday after dropping of the seat and a lovely cup of we drove off I said to Annette, 'Thank God for the sisterhood'.  She just smiled back as  she knew exactly what I meant.  On the other hand it went straight over Mr Beach House's head.
Anyway all was forgiven and roll forward one week, we had one of those weekends where we were together just hanging out at home achieving little gardening and household projects.
Our togetherness started with a salad roll on the deck after soccer, with a few laughs and a recap of our morning. Then I did something I had been wanting to do for ages..... I got the white paint out.
 This brown blanket box which I almost forgot to photograph, as I was so into the whole thing, was decidedly shabby.

Before my savings drive for France, I had bought a few new pieces at bargain prices from my favourite shop that closed down recently.  I went in on its last day of trading at 4pm and as expected, the reductions were ridiculously good, so I'm glad I waited right til the end.

And this is where they ended up.  In my dining room in a little fishing vignette on my freshly painted blanket box.
The sea glass bottle is my absolute favourite.
The fishing rods in the corner were taken from the side of the road at Council clean up time.  The net and the basket are reproductions and I am not keen on how so many coastal icons have become so commercial and over used, but I do like these two.
This little chalk board on a stick comes from Leah's Home Atelier

Theses books in blue are some of my current favourites.

Oh and by the way, that was another achievement last weekend.  Before I could put this vignette together and photograph it, I had to take all the Venetian blinds down and bleach them in the bath.  After some major hosing down with the shower faucet they are pristine now.  I was thinking of going down the plantation shutters route, but that can wait, if it means I get to France quicker.  A few hours scrubbing and polishing some half dead dusty and mouldy old blinds will be well worth the effort, when I am swanning around the south of France in two years time.  Anyway a girl's gotta dream, other wise she would be stuck in a rut, driving through the suburbs putting out mini fires after Mr Beach House and making him look good.  At least he helped with the Venetians..... God love him!!!!!!
Have a great week
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  1. What a totally gorgeous blog you have! I am going to be a follower for sure. Enjoy all your beach decorating. It is so beautiful! Amy

  2. Nice job on the chest! Love what you did with it and the painting/print on top of it.

  3. Love the vignette and the chest is beautiful! That painting is so great too, my eyes kept going towards it. :)
    Your photos are gorgeous and what a view!!

  4. What a sensational view you have - looks glorious. I love the beach in winter in Australia, the colours are so vibrant and water so clean and blue. Stunning. Don't you love Burnt St fabric shops, some great finds there if you dig around.

  5. i love the seaforth fabric shop too. love the large bottle you have and the white chest looks great!
    cheryl x

  6. The first photo is gorgeous! So pretty! Thanks so much for adding you post to my linky party :)

  7. You are making great progress.. I am in love with the bottle too!"Smiles~

  8. The white trunk is amazing and its looks great with all the seaside trinkets on top.

  9. The first photo is gorgeous! Totally beautiful blog you got here. Lovely post and very nice write ups. Love the blue bottle and the white trunk is amazing!
    Hope to see you on my blog:)

  10. Love that pianting & the vingette looks beautiful & I love the white trunk

  11. i looooove a weekend like that- where you achieve more than you expect to...and that blanket box was worth waiting to paint!

    it looks gorgeous- i adore that sea glass bottle- ADORE!!

    so...i need to catch up on some frenchie news by the sound of it!
    i was meant to meet another lovely sydney relie in paris this weekend but couldn't co-ordinate the flights around school!!

    i've managed five trips to france in three years so far- so all i can say is keep painting everything you already have white and keep saving....!!!!

    briliant beach house views for this aussie gal abroad- as always -thankyou!

    melissa xx

  12. A lovely vignette and their is certainly satisfaction in having clean blinds, mini or otherwise. Wonderful views!

  13. Hi Carolyn, I just discovered your blog via White Wednesday, and find it to be delightful! You did a great job on the chest, white is so right for Beachy Coastal. I love the vignette you put together so inspiring. I've got the Ocean on my mind this week too, guess it's just Summer, I'm following now so I won't miss a thing, xxx tami

  14. Coming over from White Wednesday to peek at your many pretties you shared, but that cheerful beach painting is to die for! xoxo, tracie

  15. Love that painting and what a great demijohn(bottle). Thanks for joining WUW.

  16. Oh, how lovely and summery! And everything looks better with white paint! :)

  17. your blog is beautiful. I love everything in it! thanks for sharing.


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