Wednesday, June 15, 2011

A Nautical Tablescape and The Honest Truth

There is some serious cabin fever going on here at the Beach House.  This rain will not let up.  Us Sydneysiders are an outdoorsy lot by nature, so a long weekend of rain for the Queens birthday and then continued rain throughout the week is just about doing my head in.
I am dreaming of Summer and I am lapping up all those Summer Lovin' posts coming from the Northern Hemisphere right now.  It's your turn, but from here, it is hard to take that it is still  6 months until December and one of those Summers that Sydney is so famous for.  Luckily the weather starts to become decent again here by mid August.  I put this nautical tablescape together to conjure up some warmth on an otherwise dreary day.  I also think red, white and blue stripes is a very smart combination.
I started writing a 'how to replicate this tablescape post' but reading back over it it was boring boring boring. So I'm going to tell you another one of my little secrets and I begin with a question.
Have you ever left your child waiting at the school fence because you got so into your blog that the time slipped your mind?  No!!!! Well I did just that to my darling little Beach House Brat last week. It was one of those 'Home Alone' moments.  ARRRRRRGH. School gets out at 3.25pm.  I don't ever leave home until then anyway as we do the Stop Drop and Kiss thing and unless you get there by 3pm you can't park.
If you arrive at 3 and the Council Rangers are there, they book you as you're meant to only stay parked for 2 minutes.  So now I arrive at about 3.30pm, some of the cars have cleared and it takes my boy that 5 minutes to walk up to the pick up area anyway. So usually everyone is happy.
So can you imagine my angst last week when I was tapping away and I looked at the computer clock and it said 3.49pm.  You know that feeling when your heart drops into your stomach, well it was much worse than that.  It was the middle of winter, my daughter was shoeless and coatless and I just bundled her up, grabbed my keys and flew.  No time to grab handbags or any other meaningless stuff.

I had to drive through the village shopping area and that trip has never been slower.  By this stage all the mums were out with their kiddos so it was packed to the gunwales and the traffic was crawling.  I finally got to the designated pick up spot and no sign of the Beach House Brat. In fact no sign of anyone.
I jumped out, locked the Beach House Brat in the car and bolted straight to the office.  We have a standing agreement that, if I don't turn up due to an accident of whatever, he will wait for me until there is no one around and then he would go straight to the after school care.  Lucky this time he had just gone to the office and as the secretary was dialing by number I burst through the doors,  screamed at him for not waiting for me, which was not the best parenting I have ever done and just gave him a big hug.  So thankful that I had found him.
It's funny how kids are so protected these days.  When I was his age I walked a mile or more home from school, through a bush track and let myself into the house with my own key, as my mum was sometimes late from work or whatever else she was doing.  When I told the Beach House Brat that.... he couldn't believe it and said he would be too scared to be in the house alone.
So it probably is time that he at least started catching the bus.  Mr Beach House is always saying to me....particularly in the early days...Just let him be a boy!!!! I have really learnt from that and I do now.  My son takes quite a few risks in the surf and other environments but is too scared to be in the house on his own...We'll have to work on that one.
They are going to get a big chance to be with out their security blanket this weekend as I am going away with the girls.  We have only wrangled one night and I'm going to tell you more about that in my next post.
On that fateful afternoon, when I forgot about him, we were on our way to maths coaching.  After apologising for being late, I recounted to Margaret, his coach what a terrible mother I was.  She said that I couldn't beat her.  Her daughter had a broken wrist for 6 months before she was taken to the hospital.  Her daughter complained of soreness but Margaret would say 'Oh lets see how it is tomorrow.' and it seemed OK and this went on for 6 months until a second or should I say first opinion was required.  Her wrist now has a pin in it!!!! Margaret was sweet to let me in on her bad parenting story and made me feel a little better.
Who knew when we signed up for this job that it would be so difficult and relentless.  We all love our kids to bits but I really deserve my night off this weekend with the girls and as it's the first real break I've had in 9 years I'm gunna have a blast.
Oh and if ya wanna replicate the tablescape I've given you stacks of go for it.  I particularly like the stocks bursting out of the bag.  Much cheaper than a red vase.  If you got to here, thanks for sticking with me this long.  I better go it's 3.15pm.... I don't want to make hanging at the school gate the norn.
The other mums will start to wonder.
Best Carolyn
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  1. An awfully handsome tablescape. I practically like the stock in the red and white stripe bag. Great idea. That was a hair raising story about your little one. My days of bad/good parenting are basically over. My little Miss housebrat is moved out and on and I have two little grand housebrats.

  2. we are way too overprotective (myself included) with our kids today and kids are over organised. i have a lot to say on this issue. i say let kids be kids and give some freedom so they learn to make their own decisions and develop resilience. they are far more capable than we realise. sorry about that little rant.
    love the nautical tablescape!
    cheryl x

  3. Your tablescape is amazing. It just says FUN-ENJOY!
    This is something I really need to learn how to do.

    Thanks for sharing.


  4. Rain does not come to mind when I see this fresh and gorgeous tablescape!! Love the ring!!!

  5. It happens to everyone...we fail to be the perfect parent. But I think we are too doting in this generation. You left the proper instructions for your child and you did the best possible. So it's over and done! Lesson learned!

    I love the nautical tablescape. Is that a real buoy or did you make it out of something. It's awesome!


  6. Great tablescape Carolyn, I think we have all been there.. my children were in different schools at one time and I was late everyday for my daughter due to my son coming out late, she just, as your son did, wait in the office, no harm done x

  7. So stunning Carolyn. Luv your "vase" and centre piece. so fresh and bright! I am new to blogging and just adore the name of your blog!

  8. What a darling post.. I think we all have our bad mom moments.. Your vase is so much fun. Loved the creativity. I love your table! Many blessings, marlis

  9. I so enjoyed this, your verbal presentation and the table! It may be summer in Maine but feels more like winter!

  10. What a lovely table and as the others have said... it really doesn't reflect the rain we have recently had in Sydney! First thing tomorrow am sorting out a place for my son to go in the event I don't turn up!

  11. Oh my word such a darling table. I just love it. Such a cute blog too.


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