Wednesday, June 8, 2011

There's No Friends Like Old Friends

I had a wonderful day last Friday with my longest standing girlfriends.  Two of them I went to school with, one from kindergarten and the other from high school.  The third girl, I met whilst flatting in my single days.  These three girls all originally started out as my friends but over the years we have morphed into a tight knit little foursome.  I mean if I like them lots, it stands to reason that they would all really like each other and become good mates as well.

They knew I was going to blog about our day together, which sadly only happens about twice a year these days.  They agreed the blogging was fine, as long as their identities were protected.  This is the shot I came up with to satisfy those requests.  I can only identify myself, for anyone who the the one with the red vest, But that's it as to identity, except to say that, I have had such fun with these girls over many years.  We have travelled and partied together, had broken hearts together, laughed and cried together, some of us have lost parents at similar times, we have followed each others fabulous careers and borne our babies pretty much at the same time too.  Lets just say there are few secrets between us.  So to catch up is such a privilege and a great day out.
One of the reasons we see so little of each other these days is the tyranny of distance. This city of Sydney only has 4 million inhabitants, but in terms of geographic area it is huge, so in traffic it was a huge trek to get to my girlfriend's house. Plenty of stop lights to snap the odd shot. The trip home took one and a half hours as peak hour had begun. I was thankful my commuting days are well and truly over....Thanks Mr Beach House.

Now most know about Sydney Harbour Bridge, but this is a newer bridge we crossed on the way, which allows access to the city from the inner west, known as ANZAC bridge.  I think it is colloquially referred to as the 'spider web' for obvious reasons.  Living on the Beaches I rarely get to this side of town and I can tell you it is another world compared to the 'insular peninsula' of the Northern Beaches.
The other major bridge we had to cross was in fact the Sydney Harbour Bridge.

Here it is on approach

and then under its span.  I have crossed this bridge many many times in my life and I still get a little excited each time I do.

We started our day together early as we all had to get back for school pick ups.  First we got the grand tour of this newly renovated home.  My girlfriend's brother was the architect and her husband built it.  The house was originally a small semi detached period home on a long narrow block.  From the street it has retained its lovely period character, but a beautifully sympathetic extension has made this into a large functional modern home behind its original facade.  The home is set to appear soon in the media and my girlfriend has promised to let me have the professional shots to show you soon.
Lets just say with kiddos running around my photos would not have done this beautiful home justice.
So we sat around this beautiful white resin table, drinking lots of ...........


and even more still
and eating lots of this
and admiring lots of little kitchen vignettes, such as this 

 and this 
 and this

Our hostess is a stage actress and singer and an incredibly artistic lass.  Her little pops of colour around the house are delightful. Her father in law made this living piece of art and she can see it from her bed.

We had a beautiful lunch and some wine and the conversation really started to flow. I said in passing that a marketing company would pay thousands to hear and study our conversation.  Here's a quick run down of our topics
  • old fashioned bullying
  • cyber bullying
  • facebook
  • adoption
  • finding birth parents
  • cost of building renovation.. better when your husband is a builder
  • husbands
  • tax bills
  • health and genes
  • skiing
  • private schools
  • our work and how it stresses the family time together
  • clothes
  • homewares
  • neighbours
  • kids' eating habits
  • alcohol
  • blogging
In the old days it would have been
  • Latest parties
  • night clubs
  • boys
  • sex
  • still alcohol
  • gym
  • weight loss
  • exercise
  • the future
  • careers
  • annoying flat mates

We are all pretty well happily settled now and we are mostly at a great time in out lives. The girls were interested in the blog and my motives. We got talking about it and as usual, the most commonly asked question was.... 'Why do you do it?' As for all of you, there are many and varied reasons why, but the main one for me, is that I have always secretly wanted to write the story of my life...warts and all. I have tried keeping diaries and travel logs but I never have the discipline to keep them up. Believe me, I haven't shared many of the 'warts' yet and I doubt I ever will. Lets just say there have been many and the good thing about them is they have shaped who I am.
I think the reason this electronic diarizing is so enjoyable is that it is interactive and I get to chat, all be it in cyber space, to you lovely like minded people. I just need to make sure that when I stop blogging, I put my full name somewhere on this site so my kiddos can read about their mum, dad and themselves in the future.
Hope your week is panning out well
All the Best Carolyn
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  1. Thank you for sharing your photos of Sydney. I would live to visit one day! It has always been a place of interest for me. It's wonderful that you ladies were able to get together and enjoy yourselves in such a beautiful home. Wow! Really great photos!

  2. Oh...this is a sweet, sweet post. How wonderful to still be so close in your heart and mind to these friends! To enjoy the day you did! And I enjoyed hearing all about it and seeing your stunning pictures of Sydney! Thanks you, Carolyn!


  3. You certainly packed the most fun into one get-together of good friends! Loved this post!
    xo Cathy

  4. Awesome post, magnificent photos. Love your diary.

  5. Very nice. I love those cupcake. The photos are great!

    I am visiting from DIY by Design. It is nice to "meet" you.

    Enjoy the rest of your week!

    LaVonne @ Long Wait For Isabella

  6. Carolyn,
    What fun to spend time with good friends! Looks like you had lots of good convesation, good treats and good drinks! There is nothing better then catching up with old friends right where you left off. The pics of Sydney are fab, and can't wait to see your friend's home! Found you at White Wednesday and am your newest follower, would love for you to visit me!

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  8. How wonderful that you and your friends were able to get together. There's nothing like having old friends with whom to "do life".

    Isn't it amazing how conversations pick right up where they left off...even when years divide our visits. That's one of the special things about friends...
    Jane (Artfully graced)

  9. sounds like a nice day catching up with old friends. i'm trying to work out the crossing of the 2 bridges?
    cheryl x

  10. lovely images! it's all in the title! warm greetings to you

  11. Sounds like a gorgeous day C...

    there is nothing like a trip through our gorgeous city to have lunch with old friends...thanks for the journey for me..!

    loved you last post too...the beach I grew up on...still makes me smile every time I see it...

    Melissa xx

  12. Could you have teased us much more with those shots of cupcakes that you slipped in I am now feeling peekish! How lovely that you have all been friends for so long & are still part of each others lives. Its hard to manage time together when life is filled with so many responsibilities but its important you do

  13. What an amazing day you had and you are so right, old friends are the greatest and I love your topics of conversations, then and now. :) Sydney is so beautiful and I love the bridge thank you for sharing.
    Enjoy your day and hugs to you!

  14. love that toaster and coffee machine! Must have some now! hehe. Love the little shot of the garden too.. very sweet!

  15. Sounds like a fabulous day together! Love those pretty pink cupcakes... the frosting technique is so pretty. Thanks so much for linking up to Share the Love Wednesday!

  16. What a gift to have a few l-o-n-g time friends. I love the cupcakes and topics of discussion. What a great post. Makes me want to call my girlfriends!!!!

  17. Looks like you had a good time together! Treasure those friendships, they don't come along everyday! However, blogging does open you up to a whole new set of "friends" too, doesn't it?


  18. Hiya! I'm visiting from Savvy Southern Style, I saw your link up there! Very cute!! Thanks for sharing!!
    You can find me here:


  19. what a fun day! your food looks delicious! the cupcakes are so cute! I love visiting with old friends! Sounds like the perfect day! I found your blog through a link party and I LOVE it! I am your newest follower and would love it if you would follow me too! Thanks!

  20. Love your post. That bridge made me feel queasy just looking at it! I'm in love with those cupcakes.

  21. Isn't it wonderful to have long time friends like this? I have four girlfriends and the same topics would be in our conversation too! looks like a fabulous day. thanks for linking up!


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