Thursday, April 21, 2011

Baking Day @ Beach House Central

Hello Holiday Makers
I hope your Easter plans are shaping up and that the Easter Bunny is kind to you.  We've had a mixed bag here at the Beach House this week.  Beach House Brat number one is staying with grandma for the week, doing an acting course.  Apparently the acting teacher wants to adopt him, so he may not be back.  I think they are eloping to Hollywood next week.  But we shall see. I at least want his autograph before he goes, in case he gets discovered and becomes famous.
As for Beach House Brat number two, she had a nasty fever yesterday, so after the mercy dash to the doctor's and sweet talking my way in without an appointment, it was viral and we just had to sit it out.  She will not let panadol past her lips, so when I say ride it out, I really mean it.  Let's hope when she gets to the teen years she is as determined not to try drugs.... Errr Hmmm we shall see.

Anyway after night deliriums and horrible crying fits, she is much better now and bouncing off the walls. What's been nice, is that her brother has been regularly calling in to check her progress. Today she is alot better... I know because she actually took one of his calls.

 One thing is for sure with little ones, they go down like a bag of p**p, but they bounce back pretty quick too.  Those of you that have been following along, will know my feelings on the subject of being a mummy and know how hard I find this whole motherhood bizzo....... but I am doing my best.
Another drama in this whole fiasco, was that the one day of the week she was sick, was a kindy day.  So not only am I paying kindy for the Easter Friday and Anzac Day public holidays when the centre is closed, but also yesterday that she missed.  Talk about not getting what you paid for.  Mr Beach House hit the roof, when informed of this conundrum, but I just told him that's the way things are done around here ARRRRGH!!!!!!!

Anyway, in the vein of trying to be the best mummy I can be, we decided to do some baking together.  Of course nothing much gets done around here without there being a photo shoot involved and this is what I came up with.  Now I am particularly in love with this little Peters quarter pint bottle.  It comes from the days when the milkman delivered milk to your door in glass bottles... Of course I can barely remember those days, except that all the kids used to meet him at the top of the street and hang off his truck as he burned along delivering the milk and I was not allowed to.  Now I know why and I forgive you mum!!!! 
My mum kept the bottle when Australia went metric in the 70's, as it was used as a measure for some of her recipes.  I'm glad she did, as it is just so lovely and I love that it was hers and now it's mine.  Thanks mum!!!! 

So we baked some pineapple and coconut muffins.  I was going to ice them and put a little Easter egg on top and do a tropical Easter shoot, but this is how it turned out instead.  Quite different actually.  In red with kiddo toys thrown in.  It is school holidays after all.
So I made the muffins, did the shoot, then called a girlfriend to bring her kids over to eat them.  They are real yummy and I could see myself plowing through them alone, while my little one had her afternoon sleep.  Luckily the kids scoffed several of them and there are only enough left for Mr Beach House now, so I shan't be touching them this arvo.

Now what about this, beachy tin car.  It only made it into the shoot cause it's red, but it is reminiscent of the bronzed Aussie teenagers you fined all over the Northern Beaches at school holiday times looking for the perfect wave.

Well the kiddo play date is over now, so I'm off to clean up and put the kitchen back together.
ooooh rooo.
P.S On Anzac Day, next Monday  I am doing a post about our trip to the Somme in France.  If you want a little insight into Australian military culture and the mateship that it's built upon, don't miss it.  I promise it will be interesting, it is in France after all.

Best Carolyn
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  1. I am so glad that your little one is feeling better. They do go down hard but bounce back so quickly!! I think that you are a wonderful mum!! :) The muffins look so good and I adore your photo shoot with the reds. That car is so cool! I hope you enjoy the rest of your week and Happy Easter to you!!! XO

  2. Hello Carolyn,
    I am delighted that you joined in for Treasure Hunt Thursday. I have been here a while looking around,reading, and enjoying myself! Your home is lovely!
    I am glad your smallest Beach House Brat is better and enjoyed a day of baking with Mum. Love the tin car.

  3. Glad your little one is feeling better! I've got a sickie in the house too! So, I've got to ask, what's an "arvo"? Sorry...just an ignorant American--Ha! :) Have a wonderful week!


  4. I just think that car is AWESOME..oh my goodness girl. I love this post. I just love you and thank God I 'found' you. Your such a blessing and so refreshing and honest and I know that is why I have been drawn here (obsessively) so often. Of course the water and the pics and Australia do have some and can't forget the red favorite.I baked the other day too. We may have been baking at the same time if we were on the same time zone,,LOL.
    Your mom is the best for keeping that milk glass jug. I gotta love it.Your son sounds so precious calling his cute. How funny about the drug part, hope she is like that too when she hits the teens...I've got me three I was told it was some smoke the dope day here yesterday. "national" holiday!

  5. Happy that health is around the corner...
    Love your blog..and your photos are fantastic1

  6. Love the beachy car! Great photos---thanks for linking to Share the Love Wednesday!

  7. Oh, I just love imprupmtu fun days! Found you at Home is where my story begins!


  8. When little ones are sick life comes to a screeching halt, huh? So hard but I'm so glad she is doing better and that your sweet son called to check on her! This looks like such a lovely day and we are so glad you shared it with us at Inspiration Friday this week!
    P.S. Thank you for your kind comment on our post!

  9. Carolyn, I just love that you keep it so real! It can be almost as hard on us moms when are chicks are sick as it is them. The coconut pineapple muffins sound divine. You will have to share the recipe with us sometime! I adore all things pineapple and coconut. Glad your kiddo is feeling all better and thanks for your sweet comment at the fence!


  10. Wow what a nice muffins...happy Rednesday. Mine is up...

    Mine is here

  11. I'm sure glad she is feeling better. It's so hard to watch the little ones not feel well!! Love your post..great pictures!! It's perfect!

  12. What fun - but now I'm even hungrier than at the last stop.

  13. Glad your little one is feeling better, and those muffins sure look yummy! And I want that little tin car!
    Happy REDnesday,

  14. I am now a grandmother, but I can well remember when I had a sic child at home. It was not good. Am so glad all is better now. I rely enjoyed the pictures in your post today and the storyline you wrote to accompany it. The muffins look pretty doggone good to me. Take care and Happy Rednesday.

  15. Love your post. Hope your little one is better now. Nice pictures:)



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