Friday, April 15, 2011

Titanic Anniversary

Today is 99 years since the Titanic sank.  No doubt there will be many celebrations next year, but I felt like remembering it this year too.  It was quite a coincidence that I acquired this captain's hat yesterday and it jogged my memory of the tragic event.

These are just some artifacts I have put together from around the Beach House.  None of them  is authentic, but they all mean something to me about that powerful event.  The Titanic actually looked like this, four funnels and a black hull, with seven or eight decks.  If she stood on her stern, she was just a few metres shorter than the Eiffel Tower.

Only 3 of the 4 tunnels was functional.  The fourth one was included to make her look more impressive.
Although the Titanic was able to carry 3,500 passengers and crew, luckily there were only 2,200 people on her maiden voyage. Approximately 700 of them made it into the life boats, whilst the other 1,500 perished.  Those people were made up mostly of second and steerage class and staff. Hence my addition of the key, as many of them were locked below decks, so couldn't make it to a life boat in time.

Like most tragedies, the sinking of the Titanic appears to of  been the result of a culmination of several events, which in isolation would not have caused such a catastrophe. The winter of 1911-12 was unusually mild in the Arctic causing more ice bergs to break away from the ice shelf and drift further south.
Radio break downs, ice warnings not passed on and the loss of the ship's only set of binoculars.  Not to mention cancelling of life boat drills and inadequate life boats.

We are really into the Titanic here at the Beach House.  With an eight year old son, who has watched the movie many times and borrowed loads of book on the subject from the school library.  It's hard not to be.

He knows much more about it than I do and I love listening to him reading me Titanic facts at bedtime.

That little palm leaf cross was actually given to every one at his christening, as he was christened on Palm Sunday.  That reminds me, it is the anniversary of that this weekend too.  It's funny how, with the second child you are not so organised.  Beach House Brat number one was Christened at 4 months, whilst number two is still pending.  I must get on to that soon.

The compass is a Pirates of the Caribbean toy.  Glad some of the toys come in handy occasionally. Usually I'm just stepping over them or picking them up.

I often think the only saving grace for dying as a young man on the Titanic was that he would have been spared the horror of WWI.  Little comfort I guess!!!!
Now it's time to cheer up.  Have a great weekend all!!!!
Best Carolyn

PS I have finally got my photo gallery up and running, so if you need a lift after that post, the link is under my header.
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  1. I love this post. The sinking of the Titanic is haunting to me.
    I had the opportunity to see the exhibit when I was in Seattle years ago. It really brought home the horrible tragedy of it.
    Thanks for linking up to Treasure Hunt Thursday.

  2. i love a bit of history, especially when it involves the sea. love the captain's hat and the old key!
    have a nice weekend..
    cheryl x

  3. Hope you have smooth sailing this weekend Carolyn!
    xo Cathy

  4. Wonderful history information - you're display is fabulous (as always). I'm off to check out your photo gallery. Have a lovely weekend, Carolyn. Hugs.

  5. Thank you for sharing that! I didn't realize it was the anniversary. We've learned so much from the experience of those who survived and were lost in the Titanic. Stopping by via Sherry's wonderful blog, No Minimalist Here, xxx tami

  6. Your display is wonderful - I love the movie- but it is such a hard one to watch too. What a tragedy it was in history. I love that big boat you have on your table- it is really charming! Thanks for sharing at FNF.

  7. A wonderful maritime display. The model of the ship is wonderful. I too find the history so very interesting. Thanks for linking up for VIF! Debra

  8. Such a great post!!! Included it in this weekends coastal mix here.
    Thanks so much!!!

  9. It is always a tragedy when there is such a great loss of life. Events like that are quite a reminder to us all of the brevity of life and how we need to make each moment count.

    Thanks for linking to the party. I enjoy having you participate.

    Have a wonderful weekend!
    Liz @ the Brambleberry Cottage

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  11. The sinking of the ill-fated Titanic is such a haunting piece of history. A few years back we toured the Nova Scotia, Canada grave site of the passengers and it was so heart-breaking.

    Awesome post. Your tribute to this historical event is excellent. Diane

  12. wow, remembering titaic saddens the heart and the loss of so many lives and a great creation is just too much ironic. what an icon titanic was and what dreams it had when it sailed for america!!

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