Monday, April 11, 2011

Beach House Walkabout

Seen around my town this weekend past.
People like to dress up their dashboards,

their Buddhas

and uncomplicate their lives.

The dogs are happy being dogs

Now this is my idea of how to spend a morning.  The under 9 Taipans had a win at soccer. Go Taipans!!!!

Afterwoods, Mr Beach House, the Beach House Brats and I took a turn about the park, at the end of the street.

A great family outing.  It was free, sunny, warm and healthy. This weather was perhaps the best of the year so far. 
Here's what we found; a room with a view,

some salty old seagulls.

some sporty types,

some hunting action, he's a post modern cave man and a boy's got to eat. 

Some beautiful sandstone steps to sit on and watch the kiddos at play, with the tide almost high.

I love my birkies

Cute little dinghys

and a pretty mumma.

Hopefully it's not the last of the Autumnal weather.  We are making the most of it while we can.  The Beach House Brats have both crashed out as a result of our strenuous morning. They are both slumbering away as I write. I think I might join them, so tonight we can catch up on that anniversary dinner I was talking about last week. Read more on that here.  It will be a foursome I think.  At least we will save on sitters.
All is right with the world. Or at least at the Beach House, for the next few hours anyway.

Happy days to you all.
Best Carolyn

Post script: I knew it wouldn't last. On getting ready for dinner, I found Beach House Brat number two covered in grass ticks after our morning bush bash.  So after an hour of getting them out, (she is so brave) we set off for dinner.  All was going great until she fell over in the garden of the restaurant and hit her head.  With diners flying everywhere kindly gathering ice and chocolates for her,  I said she could sleep with me... mainly so I could watch her, as a head injury just before bed scares me stupid. Of course Beach House Brat number one wanted in on the action as well.  Suffice to say, I write this on about one hours cumulative sleep.  As usual, I am trying to draw on the positives, whatever they are....... Ah that wonderful club called motherhood...Enough said!!!!


  1. What a wonderful and fun post.
    I enjoyed looking at your images.

  2. great the tree house with rope swing!
    cheryl x

  3. Hi Carolyn! I love your morning photos! That is my idea of perfect morning/day as well. I hope your little one is ok.

  4. Looks like a wonderful weekend! I'm glad your little one is safe. Sounds like an adventurous day for her and you. Love the photos by the way! We had a pretty good weekend with lots of sunshine too!


  5. p.s. forgot to mention that I love my Birkis too! One of the reasons I love summer!

  6. Looks lovely ...and wow what beautiful flowers you have over there. Hope your little one is doing ok now :) x

  7. loving this post! That last photo is gorgeous!

  8. Omg, that dog sign! Now THAT is funny. I was totally rolling on the floor. Gotta go, got ta tweet!

  9. thanks for the fun tour! i find it very funny that you call your kids the "beach house brats"!!
    of course, i know you love them dearly ;)
    just like i love when my 9 month old is ticked off the whole day for no reason...i mean what does she have to be upset about?! she's doted on all day long by yours truly. hope your little one's head is all better!


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