Wednesday, April 27, 2011

From the Beach House to the Boat House

On Good Friday The Beach  House Clan decided to launch the rubber duck and go picnicking on Pittwater.  Now when you are married to a boat builder there are some benefits.  You have a garage and a factory full of boats to choose from.  Mr Beach House makes little racing yachts but our boat of choice for our little sortie on Pittwater was this little rubber duck.  We took this little baby so we could hug the coast for some great photo action.

We can all just fit in with one small bag.  The downside is that I have to listen to Mr Beach House telling us constantly that it can go faster when it's just him and Beach House Brat number one on board.  I tell him in return that it is not speed I am after and if he wouldn't mind, could he please slow down even more, so I can get what I came for......some beautiful shots of this stunning nautical playground.

Now this is what I call a boat.  It's a Palm Beach 60, built by the ever so talented Mark Richards, who you can see there getting ready for a day on the high seas.  Ricco used to build these gorgeous boats  in the factory next to Mr Beach House, until he moved to bigger premises.  He is known around these parts as the 'golden boy', after skippering Wild Oats 11 to win the last 5 or 6 Sydney to Hobart Yacht races.  I've lost count as it is usually daylight second.

Some would say this guy has it all, brains and beauty and a really nice guy to boot..

Once we exchanged pleasantries and recovered from boat envy, we pressed on around to this little beach.  I'm sure this gorgeous teen was wondering why I was photographing her. Basically because I think the look she gave me is priceless.  I had to photo shop out what another one in her party was doing, suffice to say it involved alcohol.  It wasn't rude and as you know I am partial to the odd little glass of rose but alcohol at 10am just does not work in this post.

At this gorgeous little cove is an enclosed swimming pool, so no shark worries here. We had a swim and for one month off Winter, the water was a gorgeously warm temperature.

These kayaks made it in because I am loving blue and yellow right now.

After a light lunch, we relaunched and set off to do what we really came for and that was a little study of the boat houses on Pittwater.  Now as I previously indicated, Mr Beach House was on full throttle, trying to achieve the impossible with a 6 horse power engine, while I was hassling him to slow down so I could get a decent shot. 

After a bumpy ride, this is what I got.  Some of the boat houses are better than the houses they belong to.  Some are used for seaside entertaining, whilst others are permanently inhabited.  I know if we were ever lucky enough to have a boat house unfortunately Mr B would fill it full of bloomin' boats. How rude!!!!!

Now I can hear you dear reader asking what is wrong with that?.......  So I'll tell you.  I have always secretly entertained the idea of swanning around my own little boat house, with a group of my closest friends, cooking a gourmet meal and eating it together on a beautifully laid table.  There would be no room for boats in my little fantasy unless they are tethered to the end of the wharf.  Mr Beach House on the other hand, has a very different idea of what boat houses are guessed it boat storage.

Love this little baby with her contrasting roof lines.

This one looks like a bathing box

Perhaps that's the idea.  Boats downstairs and accommodation up.

This one was clearly permanently occupied....... by a sailing buddy off Mr Beach House no less.  
Love the vintage style of this one

Cute little racing yacht and gorgeous boat house.

And how about this for some coastal relaxation

Little dinghies all in a row

and the bird life

The funny thing is that when Mr Beach House and I take these little boat trips, he spends the whole day describing the boats and who owns or built what and what yacht races it has won.  I just sigh quietly, and pretend I care, as I am not interested in the boats but the real estate.  At least we are both having fun at the same time, even if it is for different reasons.

Well that's it from the Beach House today.  I just watched Grease with my 2 year old.  Probably 10 years too early, but it is my favourite film, so I am on a high as I write.  Possibly also something to do with the fact that it's the last day of the school holidays. Yippee!!!! Can't believe I am saying that.  When I was a teacher, I very much resented parents saying it, but now I completely know where they were coming from. I was a great mum until I had kids.   Love them dearly but it's time. 
Best Carolyn
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  1. Hi! just found your blog from artfully graced and so excited to read thru it! We are sailors, have a lakehouse with a "boathouse" and my hubbs races his sailboat every weekend. We travel every yr for 3-4 months aboard Blew Bayou...our other child!! Looks like we have alot in common! Can't wait to read more!

  2. What a marvelous post. I laughed out loud and enjoyed every single photo especially the boat
    houses and your commentary on Mr. Beach House was hilarious.

  3. Looks like a great day! Who knew boat house came in so many shapes and sizes :) XOL

  4. Oh wow, great shots Carolyn.. oh to have a boat house and especially one of these love them all x

  5. I think my husband would like to be married to yours if he had his pick of boats! :) You got some beautiful shots. I love boat houses. The area you were in reminds me alot of where I grew up in Maryland. Good memories!

  6. What a fun day--I feel like I got the tour of the water! That's my favorite thing to do on a boat... cruise slow and check out all the beautiful property and unique boat houses. Thanks so much for linking to STL Wednesday!

  7. I love all the little boats in a row.

  8. What fun! I can't wait to have my own little boat. Not a big one though like that one! I could never justify that much money and oil spilling out to sea! What waste! I want a little sail boat though! So cute! hehe

  9. Love the boat houses!! I wouldn't even mind living in some of those! :)

  10. this is an amazing blog! I love it and am glad I found you. beautiful boat houses.

    new follower!

  11. Love them all and I'd love to actually live in something like that someday. Great photos and your story was very entertaining ;o)

  12. Such pretty pictures. I love anything that has to do with water. Thanks for sharing at wuw.


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