Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Beach House goes to an Art Exhibition

The was a break in the weather on Sunday afternoon so Mr Beach House, the Beach House Brats and I took the opportunity to visit a local artist friend, Nada Herman, who is showing her work in Avalon each weekend until May 28.

These colourful paintings adorn many local homes and are sold widely throughout Australia and internationally.

The exhibition is held annually on the family estate Hy Brasil.  A beautiful, almost 3 acre bush block, holding a commanding view of both the ocean and Pittwater.

This is the original 1930's sandstone home built by Nada's grandparents.  Lately Nada has also built a beautiful bespoke home, in which to live and show her beautiful work.

Her colourful oil paintings are layered thick with paint.  Nada is famous for her use of a pallet knife, which gives a luxuriant texture to her work.

Nada's subject matter consists of local beachy  and yachting scenes.  She has the beautiful Sydney harbour as her muse.  Her flower paintings are also absolutely stunning 

This is a classic icon that few would be unable to name.

There's Palm Beach wharf.  A great starting point to many a beautiful day spent on Pittwater.

Beautiful waterlilies and fish

And then there's Nada's beautiful new home recently built on the Hy Brasil estate, next to the original stone cottage.  How is this for an outdoor area?

The lounge dinning area, a beautifully light space to view art 

and the view of Pittwater.

Her website is here for details of this continuing exhibition.  You can picnic in the grounds of Hy Brasil. There will be live music on Easter Sunday, between 2pm and 5pm.  So if you make one trip up to the Northern Beaches this Autumn, make it for this exhibition.  The home, the art, the view and the sheer beauty of this little part of paradise is not to be missed. An amazingly talented Australian artist, Nada Herman.
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  1. What a gorgeous blog you have! My husband and I love having art outings too.
    So much fun and so much to learn.
    Thank you for the sweet comment on my blog, and for stopping by. xxx tami

  2. the palm beach wharf painting is my favourite and i love the view!
    cheryl x

  3. Wow, it is such a gorgeous and light filled home....and those paintings so vibrant in colour and rich in texture xx

  4. Hi Carolyn, Lovely home so open and light, I would love to have a wander around there.. I think my favourite is the waterlilies and fish painting x

  5. I'm inspired Carolyn! Such a talented artist - the colours/the subject matter - just amazing. (Am I right in thinking you have a couple of Nada's paintings in your house?) I know I have admired a beautiful beachy scene in your lounge and wondered who the artist might be. I wished I lived closer so I could visit the exhibition. ;)Sharyne

  6. Nada's paintings are fabulous and so is your blog! Thanks for stopping by The Hut, I've added you to my blogroll also.

    I've been here for about an hour, reading back and looking around and all I can say is WOW, I love it all!

    Then I read that you planted a frangipani, we call them plumeria here also, and had to tell you that they are my absolute favorite plant. I grew one for 18 years and when we had a very cold winter in 2009, I had to cut the branches and bring them in. I planted those and they are doing well. I've also grown them from the seeds that formed on my plant several years ago. So, give yours time, it takes a while before it starts flowering, but be patient and you will be well rewarded!

    So nice to meet you!

  7. Hi
    My friend, Shellbelle, just introduced me to your blog. I truly LOVE this post. Being an artist...and hosting art shows...I was especially intrigued by this post. What a gorgeous location to have a show! I will definitely put this on my list of dreams to see when I finally get to Australia. And I am adding you to my blog roll...
    It's so nice to meet you...
    Jane (artfully graced)

  8. Beautiful art and what a house!

  9. Wow, love all the art and your house! Hope to see you at My Dream Canvas! Have a great day.

  10. so so sooo lovely

    Stopping by from Trendy Treehouse!
    Please stop by and say hi!



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