Thursday, April 28, 2011

Beach House Bunk Loft Beds
I have shown you all the bits of the Beach House we have renovated partially or otherwise, which are decent for viewing.
Now we come to the Beach House Brats' Bedrooms.  Neither of which are currently fit for human consumption, from an interiors perspective anyway. 
My Primary schooler, was the beneficiary of a big bedroom makeover, when we moved into the Beach house six years ago.  It is currently navy, red and white, bold nautical colours, which seem to have started in his room and now taken over the whole cottage.
Now, six years is a long time in makeover history and the time has come for a further update.
Recently as a treat, I took Beach House Brat No.1 down to Sirocco Home at Willoughby, on Sydney's North Shore to view his new bed to be. Grandma had offered to buy it for him.  So as far as I was concerned, the stars were all aligning beautifully. Thanks granny, we love ya.
Now, whilst he really liked the Sirocco loft, pictured at the top of this story, he has decided he wants to have a cubby under his bed, not a desk. Duh!!!!  Eight year old boys of the world would know exactly what he is talking about.  Why do homework, when you can build forts and cubbies with your mates and have Nerf gun wars under your bunk. I guess I’ll have to wait another six years to indulge my Sirocco Home bunk loft passion, when it’s BHB 2's turn. Cause I am sure she will want to do homework instead of making cubbies.  Yeah right!!!!!! But you have to admit both these bunk lofts are just gorgeous.

I am still pushing for a desk under the bed, so maybe one of these removable options is the go. 

I am thinking chuck a bean bag, some cushions, some funky urban art and some Lack shelves from Ikea underneath, to recreate the feel of a New York Studio.  And yes, perhaps a little desk running the width of the bed as a tribute to homework.  You know that stuff that you hassle your kids to do every afternoon after school. At the Beach House, it usually ends up in a screaming match and never gets done until maths coaching the night before it's due.  I love that woman.

So thank you dear reader for coming this far we me.  I think we can say dilemma solved.  But what about the other dilemma.  Where does ‘sleep over boy’ go?  Perhaps in either of these lovely ensembles.  Oh decisions decisions.

Sweet dreams
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  1. I like the last photo of the three beds and all that storage.

  2. i like the 2nd last one - but probably needs a railing. he could choose to sleep up or down and still have the desk.
    cheryl x

  3. thts a nice one 4r my kid...good pics and pickd ideas too...nice carolyn..

  4. These are great! I would love bunk system for my boy. I love the last photo, how fun!!

  5. The nautical bunk bed is the coolest!!

  6. I do love the first one and would just tell him that if he wants a new bed, he has to do his homework!

    I love all the storage and if I wouldn't have to have a crane to get me up there, I'd get one for myself, lol.

  7. How pretty and love how it works so well for a boy and then can also be used for a girl!

  8. I really love the last one - fabulous! have a great weekend, Carolyn.


  9. What a great idea....very creative, I'd love for you to share this at my party? Cute blog by the way! Simply Creations Link Party

  10. What great inspiration photos! My almost 8 yr. old son would also agree that having a space to build forts and hang out far outweighs a place to do homework. LOL! Thanks so much for sharing these great ideas with us this week at Inspiration Friday!

  11. Great inspirations~ we had a loft bed at one point for one of the kids and I loved the desk underneath... the room seemed so much more organized! Thanks for sharing at FNF :)

  12. bunk beds never stop being so fun and your inspiration photos are the triple bunks too! thanks for joining fridays unfolded!

    stuff and nonsense

  13. Love the bunk beds! Absolutely darling set-up!

    Happy Pink Saturday~


  14. I really liked the loft bed. I prefer using a loft bed instead of bunk beds. If we use a loft bed, then at the bottom we can use as a place of learning, or desk so it is very effective in saving space. Loft bed is also a solution for people who do not have a large room so that he can use this remedy loft bed to save space.


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